A Message from Pastor Calvin about May 31st Morning Service


We will gather for worship this Sunday, May 31, at 10:45 am inside our church building.

We will gather in two locations: our sanctuary and our fellowship hall.

Our fellowship hall will receive a live feed from our sanctuary on a large-screen TV.

In our sanctuary, social distancing will be observed.

In our fellowship hall, extra social distancing will be observed.

If you choose to attend in our fellowship hall, facemasks are recommended, and you may bring your own chair.

However, chairs will be provided for those who do not wish to bring their own chair.

Please arrive between 10:00 and 10:30, so we can begin our worship service at 10:45.

When you arrive to church, please enter using the driveway near the office area.

There, you will be greeted and directed to a parking spot based on your desire to worship in our sanctuary or our fellowship hall.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate God’s goodness and worship together in the name of the Lord.

We have measures in place to make this transition indoors pleasant for all of us.

However, if you are not yet ready to engage in this activity due to concerns about Covid-19, we will miss you, but we certainly understand and respect your decision.

Thank you and God bless you.  See you Sunday!    

Deacons on Call for May 2020

Brandon Allen

Michael Higdon

Steve Johnson

Gary Kauffman

Lucas Luther

Joel Mclelland

John McLendon

Josh Postell

Paul Revis

Keith Wood

Giving Numbers

The People Gave on 5/24/20

Total: $8,919.92


Kid’s Food Bags Offering                    $    600.00

NC Baptist Hosptial’s Offering            $    500.00

Food Bank Offering                              $    220.00

Broyhill Children’s Offering                 $    200.00                                                                   

Offering: $7,399.92

AFBC Special Offering May

Mother’s Day Offering/N.C. Baptist Hospital Offering

Given To Date:  $740.00


A Message from the Deacon Body during Covid-19 Virus

Church Family,

During this difficult time for us all, the deacons want to help in any way we can. We are implementing a process so that we can be assured of contacting our sick and shut-in. But we want to do more than that. If you find yourself in need of a service we can provide, please let one of the deacons know. If you want to put together a care package for someone in the church and need a delivery driver let us know. If you need someone to go out to buy groceries for you, we want to be able to help with that. If you need your trash taken to the dump, we can help with that too. We will be available to help with your physical needs as well as your spiritual needs.

Since we won’t be able to meet together for the foreseeable future we will deliver DVD’s of Sunday morning services should you be unable to watch online. Just let a deacon know you need a copy and one will be made for you and delivered.

Also remember that the church still needs our giving. In light of this there are a number of ways to continue giving. You can mail your check to the church office, you can take the check by during normal office hours, you can drop the check off in the secure lockbox outside the church office, you can go to the church website and use PayPal or you can let one of the deacons know and we will be happy to come by your home to pick it up for you.

Let’s all remember what Pastor Calvin keeps telling us, “Have faith. We will get through this.”

In His service,

The Deacon Body of Andrews First Baptist Church

Online Service Order of Worship

Sunday, May 24, 2020 10:45 a.m.

Welcome & Prayer                 Evan Nixon 

Hymn of Praise                   Congregation

  America the Beautiful                     #630

                                                Vrs. 1&3 

Scripture Reading                   Evan Nixon

Offertory Prayer                 Steve Johnson

Offertory Hymn                     Congregation

            Holy, Holy, Holy                     #2  

                                                  Vrs. 1&4

Hymn of Praise                      Congregation

            One Day                              #193  

                                                   Vrs. 1&5 *

Hymn of Acclamation             Congregation

       My Country, ‘Tis of Thee          #634

                                                       Vrs. 1&4

Memorial Day Presentation      Lane Raxter


Special Music     Duet:  Priscilla Cope & Helen Wilson

                     This is the Time I Must Sing

                                          Piano: Carol Preston 

Message    “Back to Bethel”         Pastor Calvin
                     Genesis 35:1-15

 Invitation                                       Congregation

                I Surrender All                      #275  


Benediction                                Congregation

           The Family of God                           #386         


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