Roger Mays Memorial Service Part 1
Roger Mays Memorial Service Part 2
Deacons on Call for September 2020

Michael Higdon

Steve Johnson

Joel Mclelland

Giving Numbers

The People Gave on 9/13/20

Total: $6,969.72


Food Bank                                                $   200.00

NC Mission’s Offering                           $   180.00

Broyhill Food Roundup                           $    25.00

Offering: $6,564.72

Morning Service Order of Worship


Sunday, September 27, 2020

(Facebook Live & Online)  10:45 a.m.


Hymn of Praise                 Congregation

       Victory in Jesus                        #426

                                                       Vrs. 1&3

Scripture Reading        Jonathan Chapman

Offertory Prayer                       Josh Postell

Offertory Hymn                      Congregation

            Trust and Obey                         #447


  Hymn of Praise                      Congregation

          In Christ Alone              Vrs. 1,2,3&4         

Hymn of Acclamation              Congregation

                  Shout to the Lord                      

Special Music              Solo: Emily Waldroup

Message  “Why Baptism Matters”  Pastor Calvin

    Mt. 3:13-17; Mt. 28:16-20; Acts 8:26-40

Invitation                                 Congregation

Amazing Grace! How Sweet the Sound     #330   


Benediction                            Congregation

       God Will Take Care of You                #64

AFBC Morning Worship Service
AFBC Online Worship Service Part 2
Morning Sermon Outline

Sunday Morning Outline for September 27, 2020

Matthew 3:13-17, Matthew 28:16-20, Acts 8:26-40  

Why Baptism Matters

When we baptize:
I. We follow the example of Jesus.
II. We obey the command of Jesus.
III. We exalt the name of Jesus.    

Evening Sermon Outline

Sunday Evening September 27, 2020

Matthew 6:5-15

Praying for our Church and our Country 

We should pray like this:
I. Pray that God be revered in our church and in our country.
II. Pray that God would deliver our church and our country. 

Sunday Evening Sermon
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