News for April 2021

The annual corned beef and cabbage luncheon was well received by the 20 in attendance on St. Patrick's Day. Alex from MASA provided an interesting program about ambulance service insurance, and several Young At Hearts took advantage of the offer. 

The April event will be held Wednesday, the 14th, to accommodate the Polish Mission Trip on Thursday. We plan to go to Daniel's Steakhouse in Hiawassee for lunch at 1:30 p.m., in order to take advantage of the special lunch pricing. Including tax, the price will be $9.25 for the buffet, including beverage. Following lunch we will go to the Georgia Mountain Fair Grounds to enjoy the flower gardens. The bus will be running, or you may drive yourself. A sign-up sheet will be on the bulletin board.

May is a special month for seniors, with the first Sunday of the month traditionally being deemed as Senior Sunday. A sneak preview is to let you know that Pastor Fred Lunsford has agreed to be our speaker for the morning service on May 2, and we will go as a group afterwards to a local restaurant. Final details are still being arranged.

There are several among us in need of special prayer, including Pastor Calvin and Janet Bobo as they recover from Covid, and Adam as they finish their quarantining; and Fred West as he heals from a broken bone as a result from a recent fall. Pray for Pat Sealy, that she will respond well to the treatment for her severe back pain. 

Continue to pray for those with ongoing needs, including Burke and Dianne West, Faye Parker and her sister Nancy, Robert and Nancy Taylor, Dana Jones, Mack and Jeannie Huscusson, Bill and Nancy Huffines, Ralph and Charlotte Clutton, Joel and Betty Franks, Neil and Modean McKeehan, June Brooks, Cricket Gray, and Gay West.

Please exercise the privilege of praying for the health of Christian family relationships around the world; there are others out there "praying" for the destruction of the family unit as we know it. Pray for our brothers and sisters in the persecuted church around the world, and be thankful for the freedoms we still enjoy. Pray for the mission team from our church and others who will be sharing with university students in Poland in April and May. Remember to pray for deacons and their families, Evan and Cassie Nixon and others working with the youth, Jennifer Farr and musicians, choir members, teachers and leaders in the various Sunday ministry and Wednesday evening classes, and each one who has a unique part in making Andrews First Baptist Church a lighthouse for Jesus. Remember our college students, high school and middle school students, and those in elementary school; as well as teachers and staff in our schools, that they may let their lights shine for Jesus.

April makes one think of April Fool's jokes. One of the best quotes about being a fool is one from Jim Elliott: “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”


The Young At Hearts Committee

Ronney Craig, Jean Higdon, Dana Jones, Jim and Pat Lancaster, Faye Parker, Louise Phillips, and Jeanette Wilson


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