News for July 2020

There were 38 Young At Hearts who enjoyed getting together for the first time in 4 months for an ethnic meal on June 18, and a generous offering of $51 was received for the food bank. It was especially good to have Virginia Adams with us again! J.R. and Sandra Marr took us on a lovely tour of Russia with its onion domes and modern scenery. Sandra also brought some artifacts to enjoy from the Russian culture, including the famous Matryoshka "stacking dolls" and some ornate ceramic eggs. She also wore an ornate scarf that came from Russia. 

I was the only other one who wore an ethnic article (outside of American!), and that was my green felt Tyrolean hat covered with pins of all the places we visited while Gene was in  the Army in Germany.

I need to apologize for passing on the article about Kentucky's governor allegedly mandating that all those who attend church MUST wear a yellow cross sewn onto their clothes. This was an article sent to me from a friend, but I didn't realize that it originated in the Babylon Bee. Another friend suggested that I look up the Babylon Bee on Wikipedia, and this is how it is described there: It is a news satire website that publishes satirical articles on religion, politics, current events, and well-known public figures. With intentional irony, the site describes itself as "the world's best satire site, totally inerrant in all its truth claims." It has been referred to in the media as the Christian version of The Onion. So again, I apologize.

Our July 16 gathering will again be a 5:30 p.m. supper, and will be our annual celebration of birthdays. The menu will be hamburgers and hot dogs with birthday cake and ice cream for dessert. Bring a dish to share.

In July, as we commemorate the birthday of our country, we tend to think more of what our national heritage means to us. It is a time to pray with renewed fervor for the many needs of our local, county, state, and national governments; that officials would make decisions based on Godly influence. Also continue to pray for Modean McKeehan, Robin Gibson, and Betty Franks as they recover from surgeries and deal with ongoing treatments. Pray for the families of Judy Brooks, Harlace Sealy, Kent Chaman, Donald Hogan, and Virginia Cox as they adjust to life without their loved one. Continue to pray for June Brooks, Cricket Gray, and Winnie Dozier. Pray also for Roger Mays, currently at the Valley View  Rehabilitation Center.

Pray for lost loved ones to come to know Jesus in these difficult times; continue to pray for the health of Christian family relationships around the world; for Pastor Calvin and his family, deacons and their families, Evan and Cassie Nixon and others working with the youth, and Jennifer Farr and musicians, being thankful for their faithfulness.

Continue to pray for wisdom for all those in authority and having to make decisions about resuming activities and re-opening stores, schools, and restaurants, etc.

"Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world."

The Young At Hearts Committee
Ronney Craig, Jean Higdon, Nancy Huffines, Dana Jones, Jim and Pat Lancaster, Louise Phillips, and Jeanette Wilson


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