News for January 2020

Happy New Year!!  The chimes of time ring out the news that another year has gone by.  Has it been a year of drawing closer to the Lord, and reaching out more to others?  One of the ways the individual Young At Hearts reach out is by donating $1 each month to the Cherokee County Food Bank, and some work at the food bank on a Tuesday or Saturday morning on a regular basis.

There were only 27 available to come to our annual Christmas Luncheon, due to several conflicts.  It was held Tuesday, December 10, at Haney's Restaurant in Peachtree.  Everyone ordered from a special menu that had been prepared for us, then we enjoyed cookies for dessert that our group had brought.  It's a good thing we have such good bakers among us; the take-home quart baggies were stuffed with a variety of cookies to munch on later.

It was fun to exchange ornaments this year.  There were some unique ones!  Some were handmade and others were purchased, but all were appreciated by the recipients.  Next year's calendars were also distributed, showing activities planned for 2020.  The committee decided to have evening meetings during the summer months, since they were so well received, and luncheon meetings the rest of the year.  Names, addresses, birthdays, phone numbers, and email addresses of YAH members are also included in the back pages of the calendar.  If you would like to be included in this listing ~ or if a change needs to be made to your present listing ~ please let Ronney Craig know.  Thanks much to Robin Gibson for putting these together so beautifully!!

Bonnie Lloyd and Jeannie Huscusson provided beautiful table centerpieces, which became door prizes at the end of the luncheon.  Ronney Craig read an interesting account of the meaning behind The 12 Days of Christmas song, and then shared a missionary's account of 26 Guards that protected him while on a dangerous journey in the field.  It was a good reminder of how much God cares for us!

January is a month to "regroup" and, since the weather can be so unpredictable, we again chose to not have a meeting.  It will be a good time to remember in prayer those who need a special touch.  Pray for the homeless and others that we feed Monday nights.  On December 30 we had one of the largest groups, 42 folks who were hungry for food and fellowship.  Pray that those who serve them will radiate the love of Jesus to them.  It is good to remember to pray for caregivers, as well as the ones going through physical and other needs, including Virginia Adams, June Brooks, Cricket Gray, Wendell and Bettie Barfield, Betty Franks, June Brooks, Neil and Modean McKeehan, Virginia Cox, Marilyn Tyler, Harlace and Pat Sealy, Donald and Joyce Hogan, Kent and Marna Chapman, Ray Hyde, and Judy Brooks.  (This is not an exhaustive list.)  Pray for the health of Christian family relationships around the world; there are others out there "praying" for the destruction of the family unit as we know it.  Pray for Pastor Calvin and his family, deacons and their families, Evan and Cassie Nixon and others working with the youth, Jennifer Farr and musicians, teachers and leaders in the various Sunday ministry and Wednesday evening classes, and each one who has a unique part in making Andrews First Baptist Church a lighthouse for Jesus.  Remember our college students as they return to school soon, high school and middle school students, and those in elementary school; as well as teachers and staff in our schools, that they may let their lights shine for Jesus.

Make this year count for Jesus!


The Young At Hearts Committee
Ronney Craig, Jean Higdon, Nancy Huffines, Dana Jones, Jim and Pat Lancaster, Louise Phillips, and Jeanette Wilson


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