News for April 2020

This Corona Virus scare has totally changed life for just about everyone. It even changed our plans for the ethnic luncheon that was scheduled for March. But it's giving us time to reflect on what's really important in life. When all is said and done, we still have God ~ Who is still in control and hasn't been taken by surprise with this whole thing ~ and our family, including our church family. It is a time when we can all be drawn closer together as we draw closer to God.

The activity planned for April 16 was to visit the flower garden around the Georgia Mountain fair grounds and then have lunch at Daniel's Steak House in Hiawassee. Those plans, however, are on hold, depending on the status of events by then.

This will allow us extra time to spend in prayer for those in need. We certainly want to pray that this virus problem will go away soon, with minimal ramifications. Pray for the medical staff directly dealing with victims, and for God's wisdom for those trying to find treatment options.

Within our church family, we need to remember the families of Judy Brooks and Harlace Sealy as they adjust to life without their loved ones; Virginia Adams and Gary Kauffman healing from major surgeries, Betty Franks and her painful problem with both of her legs; June Brooks, Cricket Gray, Neil and Modean McKeehan, Virginia Cox, Donald and Joyce Hogan, and Kent and Marna Chapman. Pray for the ministry to the homeless and others that we feed Monday nights, as we continue to feed them as carry-out orders.

There is a real need to pray for the health of Christian family relationships around the world; it is great to know the promise of God that "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world," as we battle against the forces who would destroy the family unit as we know it. Pray for our brothers and sisters in the persecuted church around the world, and be thankful for the freedoms we still enjoy. Pray for Pastor Calvin and his family, deacons and their families, Evan and Cassie Nixon and others working with the youth, Jennifer Farr and musicians, choir members, teachers and leaders in the various Sunday ministry and Wednesday evening classes, and each one who has a unique part in making Andrews First Baptist Church a lighthouse for Jesus. Even while classes are not being held, may we pray for those in our classes that they would be protected from this virus and other physical ailments and grow in their faith and knowledge of Jesus.

Pray for wisdom for all those in authority and having to make decisions about resuming activities and re-opening stores, schools, and restaurants, etc. Remember our college students, high school and middle school students, and those in elementary school; as well as teachers and staff in our schools, that they may not fall behind in their goals for the school year. And, above all, rejoice in the fact that God is still on His throne!

The Young At Hearts Committee

Ronney Craig, Jean Higdon, Nancy Huffines, Dana Jones, Jim and Pat Lancaster, Louise Phillips, and Jeanette Wilson

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