News for January 2021

Wow, another year has ended ~ and what a year it has been!! But with all the emphasis on the negatives, let's not forget to count our many blessings. God has still been faithful and has met our needs. He is not surprised by any event but has promised to be with us "through it all." He never changes ~ the same yesterday, today, and forever! Hallelujah!!

There were 21 Young At Hearts who shared lunch at Julie's in Peachtree for our Christmas gathering on December 3. Cookies and ornaments were exchanged, and everyone had a wonderful time. Virginia Adams shared a sweet devotional on God's prophecies and shared a sheet of them with all present. It was delightful to be reminded of so many fulfillments in the New Testament from things foretold in the Old Testament. God is truly a God of love and mercy. Praise Him!

Please Note: There will be no Young At Heart gathering in January.

This year of curtailed activities has provided more opportunity to spend time in prayer. We are thankful for this privilege that is ours, and it reminds us to pray for the persecuted church around the world, especially as it is creeping more and more into our own country. May we be found faithful! Continue to pray for those who have lost loved ones recently, as well as those who have ongoing needs. These include Burke and Dianne West, Faye Parker and her sister Nancy, Winnie Dozier, and Robert and Nancy Taylor.

Many suffer from chronic issues, including Dana Jones, Mack and Jeannie Huscusson, Bill and Nancy Huffines, Ralph and Charlotte Clutton, Joel and Betty Franks, Neil and Modean McKeehan, June Brooks, Cricket Gray, and Gay West. 

As school will be starting again soon, may our staff and students be well. And may they let their lights continue to shine for Jesus. We rejoice with the families of four young ladies who have recently trusted in Jesus as their Savior: Addie Waldroup, Lily Gibson, Madilyn  Brooks, Taylor Postell and one young gentleman, Payton Brooks. May we encourage these children to walk with Jesus by our examples. 

Let's continue to pray for our town, county, state, and country leaders. Pray for those protecting us in the military, as well as first responders ~ police, fire, and medical professionals. And thanks to our postal workers for their faithfulness to their jobs. Pray for the health of Christian family relationships, that God may be the center of our homes; pray for Pastor Calvin and his family and rejoice in the arrival of Millie into the home of Evan and Cassie Nixon. Pray for the deacons and their families, those working with the youth, Jennifer Farr and musicians, teachers and leaders in the various Sunday ministries and Wednesday evening classes. Pray for each one who has a unique part in making Andrews First Baptist Church a lighthouse for Jesus!

I'm so thankful for Immanuel ~ God with us!

The Young At Hearts Committee

Ronney Craig, Jean Higdon, Dana Jones, Jim and Pat Lancaster, Faye Parker, Louise Phillips, and Jeanette Wilson


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