News for June 2021

May was a very active month for the Young At Hearts. It started with the first Sunday, May 2, as Senior Day. The whole morning service featured seniors participating: Dane Parker welcomed us and opened in prayer; Gary Kauffman led in the Scripture reading; the Sanctuary Choir was comprised exclusively of seniors; Pat Sealy shared her testimony; Gene Craig played several of his harmonicas and gave a little "history" behind them; and Rev. Fred Lunsford was our guest speaker. Oldest members of our congregation present were recognized. For the men it was Ray Adams, at 88. Pat Sealy appeared to be the "seniorest" lady present, but then she learned that Ruth Cochran was also 88, and Pat graciously gave her gift card to Ruth. 

Then at a luncheon Wednesday, May 19, 12 gathered to hear Denise Cross share about the four most important documents that we need to have in place: Power of Attorney for Health, Power of Attorney for Finances, Living Will, and Last Will or Trust. She said she was sad to report that there is a lot of elder abuse going on in Cherokee County, and she encouraged us to take care of these important matters soon. Gene and Ronney decorated the tables, and Priscilla Cope shared a devotional based on a book by Max Lucado, on how much we as Christians should be praying every day. 

Our scheduled June meeting falls in the week of VBS, so we are going to change to the following Thursday, June 24. It was also going to be the first meeting in the evening, but we need to change it back to a luncheon meeting. Soooo, we will meet in the Fellowship Hall at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 24. Following a yummy lunch of dishes you bring to share, we will have a "Show & Tell" program. You are invited to bring any item of interest that has a story with it. Anyone 50 or over is welcome. A sign-up sheet will be on the bulletin board. There are a few opportunities left yet in the rest of this year for folks to set up tables and decorate, and for someone to lead in a devotional. Please let Ronney know if you are willing to serve in this way.

Praise the Lord that those who suffered with Covid are, for the most part, over their symptoms and are able to come back to church. It has been encouraging to see how church attendance has been increasing the past few weeks. What a joy to fellowship together with our Christian brothers and sisters!

Prayer is still one of the greatest privileges we enjoy, and there are always needs that come to our attention. Please pray for those with ongoing needs, including Burke and Dianne West, Faye Parker and her sister Nancy, Robert and Nancy Taylor, Dana Jones, Mack and Jeannie Huscusson, Bill and Nancy Huffines, Ralph and Charlotte Clutton, Joel and Betty Franks, Neil and Modean McKeehan, June Brooks, Cricket Gray, Gay West, and Pat Sealy for back pain and some important decisions to be made.

Continue to pray for the health of Christian family relationships around the world. We need to ask God to overcome the evil forces who are "praying" for the destruction of the family unit as we know it. I often remind myself of the verse, "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." Pray for our brothers and sisters in the persecuted churches around the world, and be thankful for the freedoms we still enjoy. Continue to pray for Pastor Calvin and his family, the deacons and their families, Evan and Cassie Nixon and others working with the youth, Jennifer Farr and musicians, choir members, teachers and leaders in the various Sunday ministries and Wednesday evening classes, and each one who has a unique part in making Andrews First Baptist Church a lighthouse for Jesus. VBS is coming soon. Pray for those who come, as well as those who serve as workers that mighty week (June 13-17).

God is good ~ all the time!

The Young At Hearts Committee

Ronney Craig, Jean Higdon, Dana Jones, Jim and Pat Lancaster, Faye Parker, Louise Phillips, and Jeanette Wilson


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