WMU News for July 2020

July! Hotdogs, BBQs, parades and fireworks; celebrations all around.  At least, it should be.  We should celebrate our nation’s birthday.  We need to be reminded of how this nation started, based on Judeo-Christian principles.  Truly we’ve been blessed by God as we have excelled in so many ways.  Are we perfect? Of course not-no man is perfect-only Jesus Christ can claim that truth.  But look how far God has brought us.  History needs to be celebrated and learned from, not torn down.  Our children need to know the history of our country, our flag-even our National Anthem.  It should give us all pause for thought as we hear “The Stars Spangle Banner” played.  We should also realize that this could all be gone if “good men choose to do nothing”.  Our hope is built on Jesus Christ. That’s what the hymn says.  Prayer and God’s Word are our weapons in this spiritual battle.  Make no mistake-it is a battle between good and evil.  Let’s determine to take a stand for right and be found in the Army of God.

WMU is resuming our monthly meeting with an outside picnic where we will look at ministry opportunities for the next several months.  We will decide what our “special offering” for July will be and will announce to the church.  July is usually when we take a special offering for our local schools, but we need to “wait and see” what the school year will look like and what needs we can help meet.  We as WMU will always seek to help in whatever way we can, partnering with our church     family.



Last Published: July 1, 2020 11:55 AM
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