WMU News for January 2021

Another year has dawned, and what prospects lay ahead of us.  We can either look at the new year in a positive light or a negative one.  I must confess-I tend to lean to the negative.  But, as a Christian, I must stop that way of thinking and realize that above all, we have a God who gives us a hope and a positive outlook that rises above the negative noise we are subjected to every day.

Therefore, I resolve to do the following: 1. Pray more; 2. Read God’s Word more; 3. Be kinder to those I am around; 4. Smile and laugh more even behind a mask; and 5. Be more like my Savior which can be accomplished through the Holy Spirit who indwells each born-again believer.  I refuse to let Satan steal my witness, my contentment, my joy which comes from God, not my circumstances.  After all, with God “all things are possible”.

Lottie’s Post Office closes this Sunday.  I hope you have enjoyed the Christmas cards from your church family.  Please check the boxes and collect any card addressed to you.  Remember, all stamp money goes to help reach our Lottie Moon goal of $6000.  I believe we will make it again this year.

January is the special offering for our Baptist Retirement Homes.  Our goal is a modest $200; I know we can meet that and exceed it as well.

Happy New Year, Church Family,



T2 Women's Ministry
Women's Ministry

god-is-biggerTitus 2 Women’s Ministry

We are delighted to announce that the AFBC Titus 2 Women’s Ministry Team is hosting a women’s conference for our church and community on Friday, April 27th and Saturday, April 28th.  Sheila Womble, of Planting Seeds to Trees Ministries from Cairo, GA, will be sharing her personal testimony and speaking on the Overflow of God’s Love in our lives as women!  Her guest Malorie Whitley, will be leading worship for the event.

We are seeking volunteers and women from our church who may feel led to share their personal testimony during this event.  We are encouraging you (women and men) to begin praying for this event; that women will attend with open hearts and that God will use both Sheila and Malorie for His glory through the Overflow conference.

We will have a sign-up sheet posted for those who are interested and pre-registration packets in the lobby of our church.  There is also an online registration option found through Facebook.  Cost for attendance is $15 each or two attendees for $10 each as we would like to encourage each attendee to bring a guest!  Food and child care will be provided for women who attend.   Please contact any of the Titus 2 Women’s Ministry Team if you have any questions or would like to volunteer your time or your testimony!

Titus 2 Women’s Ministry Team:
Janet Bobo, Cindy Gibson, Amanda Gambill, Sherrie Hammond and Heather Luther

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